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Beuys Book
Beuys Book

Hung & Drawn

Our arts contributor Amy Knight selects her highlights from this week's show openings to new books

SHOW OF THE WEEK: HEALTH at Twelve Around One

Bringing together the work of four significant artists with a refreshing curatorial angle, the current exhibition at East London's Twelve Around One gallery is well worth a visit within its brief duration (until 9 December). Positioning works by Kari Altmann, Joel Beach, Marlie Mul and Samuel Fouracre in close physical proximity, curator Majed Aslam considers the vitality of images in a constant state of flux, connecting the diverse pieces on display through the literal and metaphorical notion of health. Read our full interview with Majed Aslam HERE.


The recently published Beuys Book compiles photographs of Joseph Beuys taken by Klaus Staeck and Gerhard Steidl between 1970 and 1986. The photographs blend documentation of his life at work, travelling and at home, reflecting his approach to art as a way of life unseparated from the art object. With elegant simplicity, the book provides an intimate insight into the daily wanderings of the original 'art shaman'.

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Under Construction:

In relation to the tension between internet-based art and its methods of display, artist Matthew Williamson's interim website gets to the crux of the matter. An unassuming letter created in Google Docs appears in place of the expected showcase of Williamson's prolific output, explaining to the visitor his quandary over how to present his work through the very channel that it critiques.


2012 has unveiled a consistently intriguing body of work from Berlin-based artist Aude Pariset, culminating in her exhibition as part of Les Urbaines (30 November - 2 December) with the equally brilliant Juliette Bonneviot, with whom she has previously collaborated. Pariset's wide-ranging practice reveals a considered interplay of two and three-dimensionality, traditional craft and CGI and an emphasis on the mutable 'life' of images in the digital age. 


The relevance of the Turner Prize may be increasingly questionable, but it was uplifting to hear its deserving winner, Elizabeth Price using this unique platform as an opportunity to speak out on some crucial issues regarding the future of arts education in the UK. 

OPENING OF THE WEEK: 'Clunie Reid - Hannah Perry' at Arcadia Missa

As the last in the Open Office series - which began in June - Arcadia Missa opens its 'Clunie Reid - Hannah Perry' exhibition with a private view on Thursday 6 December. With each artist displaying one new and previously unseen video, the exhibition is underpinned by a theoretical relation between violence and the continual re-presentation of images, ignited by the writings of Paul Virilio.