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Laurent Segretier: Memento

The French photographer based in Hong Kong presents his distorted photographs as a 'beautiful but disturbing virtuality'

Self-described as part of the 'new media generation' in France (focusing on digital art and photographic manipulation), Hong Kong-based artist and photographer Laurent Segretier reworks his photographs by distorting the images to a state of no return. Inspired by the expansive themes of rebirth, identity, sex, and religion, Segretier creates haunting imagery as an insight to his own fantasy world made up of warped faces and colour-saturated abstractions. Having first shown in Paris for the Designer's Day 2011 at the L'Eclaireur boutique, he will be returning to the city at the Mily Kadz-curated Joyce gallery this Autumn with his dark and often unsettling digital art.

Dazed Digital: What are the themes behind your "Memento" show and how did the idea first come about?
Laurent Segretier: [My themes work around] ideas of an unstable and fragmented reality... a beautiful but disturbing virtuality, through the struggles and the euphoria. The ideas come from my [personal] life and how I live in the world.

DD: What works from artists/filmmakers have influenced your practice, if any?

Laurent Segretier: Araki Nobuyoshi's erotic poetry. François Ozon's work has a delicious ambiguity between the real and the insane. Gaspard Noé's new French extremity, and Russell Banks and Francis Bacon.

DD: How would you describe your work in five words?

Laurent Segretier: Dark orgasm, destructive beauty, hope, rebirth.

Laurent Segretier "Memento", Curator Mily Kadz - October 13th - November 1st at Joyce, Palais-Royal Garden, 168 Galerie de Valois, 75001 Paris