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Grizedale Arts & Yangjiang Group, Colosseum of the
Grizedale Arts & Yangjiang Group, Colosseum of the Consumed' (2012) - William Pope L, 'Tomato Shy'

Frieze Insider Access: Gabriel Coxhead

The critic and curator looks back at Frieze, day three

As the art madness continues, we look back at what's been good, with the help of Gabriel Coxhead...

Dazed Digital: Have you seen anything good so far?
Gabriel Coxhead:
Amidst all the frenzy and hype of the fair, all the jostling crowds and ambient chatter, it's the more quiet, contemplative displays that always seem to stand out the most for me, that seem the most refreshing and engaging – something like Amikam Toren's display at Anthony Reynolds' booth, where it's fun to actually spend time with some art, instead of everything just rushing past in a blur. For that reason, I'm also really enjoying the new Frieze Masters fair, which I think is a great idea and a huge success.

DD: What else are you looking forward to?
Gabriel Coxhead: There’s a really great line-up of talks this year – I’m looking forward to seeing Lynne Tillman, one of my favourite writers, speak this afternoon. Away from the fair, there’s a new space opening up off Hoxton Street called The Garage, housed in a former 1950s car-park, with a show by Lee Holden, which sounds fascinating, not to mention Laure Provost at MOT gallery, the Mark Aerial Waller performance event tomorrow night at Cell, Bedwyr Williams at Ceri Hand… really, too much to see!

DD: Best place for food at Frieze?
Gabriel Coxhead: One of the commissioned projects this year is by Grizedale Arts, based in the Lake District, who also run a smallholding. For Frieze, they have a huge, wooden arena-cum-restaurant construction, with lots of different sorts of meals being cooked, and artisanal products being sold by various artists, as well as the occasional mass tomato-fight being choreographed. Not the most sedate environment in which to grab a snack, perhaps, but it all looks and tastes really delicious.

DD: Any good parties coming up?
Gabriel Coxhead: Most have happened already, though there are Art Review and Lucky PDF parties tonight. But I’ll probably be doing something a bit different, heading East for an art/music crossover thing, with bands like The Eyes in The Heat, and Neurotic Mass Movement playing.