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Generation Change Winner: Carlos Carneiro

Cornish activists Surfers Against Sewage inspire a radical new cinematic vision

Carlos Carneiro is the winner of TOMS and Dazed's Generation Change competition to create a short documentary about an inspiring group or individual that is making change in their community. Carneiro’s winning pitch, entitled Killing Waves, is about Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), the Cornwall-based environmental charity that fights against ocean pollution and environmental damage. Having won £5,000 to make his dream film, he spoke to Dazed about his background, his project and how it feels to have won.

Dazed Digital: Who are you?
Carlos Carneiro:
I’m 31 and I am from Portugal. I came to London 12 years ago, and stayed because I ended up going to film school. More recently, I started London Sessions Productions at Abbey Road Studios. I produce, I direct, I shoot and I edit.

DD: What made you interested in film?
Carlos Carneiro: My passion for images, and for Wim Wenders and David Lynch.

DD: Your previous work shows an obsession with artistic processes.
Carlos Carneiro: What I like is the story. I believe that everyone has one and that it’s up to me to help tell it.

DD: Why did you choose surfers against sewage?
Carlos Carneiro: The brief for the competition was to document an inspirational person or group, and I’d had this story about SAS kicking around for a while. Similar to TOMS they founded it upon a need, and it really has made a difference.

DD: How are you going to make the film?
Carlos Carneiro: I'm going to go to Cornwall for a few days and discover how SAS started. The idea is that in three minutes, the viewer will have a better idea of what is SAS is and why they’re doing it.

DD: How does it feel to win the prize?
Carlos Carneiro: I was pretty flattered, but I also laughed! It’s quite funny. I’ve never won anything in my entire life and I’m not used to it. For so many years it feels like you’re walking through the desert, so getting recognized is like bumping into someone in the sand – you don’t know what to do!

More info on TOMS HERE. To find out more about SAS, click HERE. To sign the Protect Our Waves petition, please visit Protect Our Waves

Photo by Alec McLeish