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"Doctor Film Set" by Sam Ratcliffe

Thick and Thin's First Show

A new art initiative that will help young artists to sell, starting with Sam Ratcliffe, Emily Forgot, Elliot Young.

Following this year's Frieze and related art fairs, it has never been more apparent that selling art is important, especially when faced with the current economic climate. Thick & Thin is a new initiative that will endeavour to marry commerce and art by showcasing their stable of artsts every three months, immediately selling originals and limited print runs that are designed to be affordable, shedding away exclusivity. They will also set up another selling outlet through their online store.

The artists that will feature in Thick & Thin’s inaugural show are:

Sam Ratcliffe, 25
Hailing from Staffordshire, he done everything from set designing to DJing in Berlin but his mainstay is illustration. He is currently studying Sequential Design for an MA at Brighton University.
What does Thick & Thin mean to you?
A shaft of light in murky waters.
What makes you special?
That I want to kill myself.
Describe your work?
A hubristic, catastrophically comic look at violence.

Emily Forgot, 25
After graduating from Liverpool School of Art and Design in graphics, she moved to London where she has been commissioned for various magazines and projects. She is currently working on a range of products especially made for Thick & Thin.
What does Thick & Thin mean to you?
Thick and thin gives me a reason to create new playful work without commercial restraints, I suppose it allows me a little self indulgence
What makes you special?
my love of sprouts and my impaired vision
Describe your work?
The work I have produced for the show has a very narrative feel. A lot of the pieces capture the untold moments of an imaginary elaborate tale they embrace the odd and the work was once described as a place where "whimsical flights of fancy meet the dark undertones of pretty woodland murder scenes"..I think that sums it up nicely.
Elliot Young, 26
A daughter of two traditional British tattooists, she completed an MA at the Prince’s Drawing School. She specializes in rendered drawings and tattooing people with UV inks.
What does Thick & Thin mean to you?
Instinctively… the attributes for a modelling career….support and belief in a fresh aesthetic
What makes you special?
My art exists upon skin and beyond nominal eyeline, you have to seek to find….. then upon your own invitation you are violated. The receiver’s role is as important as mine.
Describe your work?  
A voyeuristic playground of subversive re-contextualised images sought through an obsession towards rendering!!

The first show is open from today until the 21st November at the Mother Gallery, Redchurch Street, EC2.