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Norman Parkinson and Richard Woods at Paul Smith

Once again Paul Smith fuses art and fashion together with exhibitions in Tokyo and London showcasing Richard Woods and Norman Parkinson.

Paul Smith's has been curating up a storm for his stores recently. In Tokyo's SPACE gallery, he is hosting an exhibition by British artist Richard Woods. With the artist's name being a given clue, the exhibition centres around a wooden plank motif called "logo" which overtakes the floor of the space in a bright sunset palette. Five off cut inlay prints plus four sculptured logo prints are also on display. Ten limited edition prints will also be on sale in Japan as well as the UK site.

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From illustrated wood to celebrated fashion photography; an exhibition on Norman Parkinson just opened yesterday at the Paul Smith store on Abelmarle Street. Parkinson shot regularly for Vogue and Queen magazine from the 1940s to 70s, taking models into exotic contexts and setting the standards for today's big budget fashion shoots. Contacts, Cigarettes and Colours will show twenty photographs that include original contact sheets an unseen images from the Norman Parkinson archives.

Richard Wood Presents The Wood Show at SPACE Gallery, Tokyo on until 30th November 2008.
Contacts, Cigarettes and Colours at Paul Smith, 9 Albemarle Stret, W1 5th November to 22nd November.