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Marnie Weber

Francesca Gavin's Hell Bound: New Gothic Art

Dazed's Visual Arts Editor picks 10 disturbing artists for the site.

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Marnie Weber

LA icon Marnie Weber has created her own memorable world around a traveling dead all girl rock band in her dark anti-fairy tale collages and ghostly films.

Erik Tidemann
Norwegian Slade graduate Tidemann makes everything from stuffed animal installations to weird ritualistic film works and horror infused spider drawings.

A Chicago-based artist with a hard on for gore, metal and comic books. His graphic work literally brims with blood, sinew and energy.

Elina Merenmies
Merenmies’ melancholic approach to painting could only have come from Finland. Her dripping black and red pieces focus on rabid dogs and weird woods.

Joss McKinley
McKinley has a Victorian sensibility to his beautifully lit photographs. Cue images of found dead birds, dusty piles of bees and empty cobweb filled rooms.

Ken Kagami
Acidly funny. Kagami can take a drawing of Charlie Brown and make it a vampire with a hard on, or innocent children’s toys and turn them into Manson’s playthings.

Christian Jankowski
The German artist’s horror work is brilliant dark – from intellectuallised horror B movies to eerie images of horror fans describing their revenge fantasies.

Stephen Dunne
London-based Irish artist who paints floating eyeballs, inkblot demons and dripping nightmares. Political, violent and visceral.

Nuno Cera
Cera’s films are the definition of haunting. Here zombies wander bleeding through abandoned Nazi holiday resorts or run from bombs in cities.

Olaf Breuning
Breuning takes National Geographic tribes, comedy, sex, death and psychadelia and mixes it all up in his very memorable films and installations.

Hell Bound is out now from Laurence King Publishing.