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Euro 2012: Paszport! Magazine

Editor Glenn Kitson and Mother's Dylan Williams on their one-off magazine celebrating the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship

Sports, almost per definition, is all about emotions, and few sports commands such devotion among its fans as football. Truly international and loved by people of all ages, it's a hobby that for many turns into a lifestyle. So of course there should be a magazine that, in a stylish and smart way, celebrates this beautiful game - especially since 2012 is not only the year of London's Olympics but also when the UEFA European Football Champions are decided. That's why Glenn Kitson of the biannual Rig Out Magazine teamed up with Dylan Williams from creative agency Mother to launch Paszport! Magazine, a one-off publication dedicated to the game, the fans, the players and everything else they love about the sport - plus a few of the "shit bits" that come along for free. Launched on the day England take on France, we chatted to Kitson and Williams about Joey Barton, racism in football and Roy Hodgson...

The mag is our way at having a pop at modern day football culture, SKY, people calling it the 'EPL', football consumers not football fans... Basically, it's just a bunch of old moaning people

Dazed Digital: How would you define the magazine, what's its USP?
Glenn Kitson:
The mag is our way at having a pop at modern day football culture, SKY, people calling it the 'EPL', football consumers not football fans... Basically, it's just a bunch of old moaning people.
Dylan Williams: I've been saying it's about the spirit of adventure and discovery that grips kids of a certain disposition as they head out to follow the match. The first into everything. The first to take the piss out of it. And a homage to classic fanzines like The End and Boys Own that did both. So yes, it's just a bunch of old people moaning.

DD: Can you list a few of your highlights from the issue?
Glenn Kitson: I'm quite proud of the Joey Barton/The Smiths cover.
Dylan Williams: Jonathan Wilson's mini biog on Jimmy Hogan. The most influential football coach in history, and nobody ever mentions him.

DD: What kind of people are involved, how come you hooked up with Mother?
Glenn Kitson:
We've got Andy Bird (big ad agency Creative Director and one third of the Rig Out). He's a genius but will never admit it. Neil Bedford taking pictures, authors like Phil Thornton and Ian Hough offering contributions. The hook up with Mother and I came about via Dylan who is a Partner and Head of Strategy there. Basically, I've put all the graft in while he sat and strategised.
Dylan Williams: I just let the ball do the work. Jim Bletsas at Mother Design put in some solid hours too. Photoshopping our 'model' wasn't easy.

DD: Tell us about the Joey Barton/The Smiths mishmash...
Glenn Kitson:
I'll be surprised if we don't get into trouble for that. Surely, he's flattered by it?

DD: A photo shoot with Stone Island gear, isn't that playing up to the footie hooligan stereotype?
Glenn Kitson:
The whole idea of the mag is football done right, regardless of big fat teds from Brum battering each other wearing Stone Island, it's still a a sophisticated forward thinking brand worn by all sorts of people. Some of the smartest lads I know have amazing jobs, go to the football, wear Stone Island and DON'T punch each other. Anyway, it's not all Stone Island - we've thrown a couple of bits of Adam Kimmel in there too..
Dylan Williams: It's a lazy stereotype. Perpetuated by the fake nostalgia whores Andy mentions in his piece. I found out about Northern Soul, Hip Hop, Inter Railing, early warehouse parties, and pretty much anything decent to wear or read from the older kids who went to the football. Paszport! is as much about hooliganism as Gavin Hills was in Leicesters Baby Squad.

DD: You say the Euro is the sporting event of 2012 - have you got no time for the Olympics?
Glenn Kitson:
 No. It's going to really fuck with my commute into work.
Dylan Williams: I live in Hackney. I'm hoping for a better legacy than, say, Athens.

DD: It's only been going for a few days and already racism is rife - what do you think of Ukraine/Poland as a setting for the Euro?
Glenn Kitson:
Never mind the Ukraine (which is disgraceful), I think the FA are very stupid and their handling of racism, or anything controversial in general, is terrible. From the John Terry thing to commissioning this piece of work by (our Art Director) Andy Bird (and Sue Higgs) for their 'Kick Out Homophobia' campaign, signing it off and then chickening out when they saw how hard hitting it was. They're just a bunch of out of touch, stuffy old bastards.

DD: Is the choice of Roy Hodgson as England coach an inspired one?
Glenn Kitson:
It was mental.
Dylan Williams: He's good with average teams. Perfect casting.

DD: How do you rate England's chances?
Glenn Kitson:
Personally, Im not an England fan. I don't want to see John Terry happy. I want to see him sad.
Dylan Williams: I agree with Glen. I can't support a team with him in it. I'm with poet Mike Duff on Terry.

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