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Overlooked London (2012) Uploaded by Daniel Stern

East London 2012: Your Memories

We look closer at a few of our favourite memories from the 'A Secret History of East London' project

A while back we started tracking the history of east London through an interactive project on Dazed Digital. With our timeline mapping all your experiences of the area, we're highlighting how east London has changed over the past 15 years and what will happen in the future, especially with the Olympics around the corner. Here, we look closer at a few of our favourite memories...

Overlooked London (2012) Uploaded by Daniel Stern

"Living in Homerton means I escape the catwalk that happens every Saturday on Broadway Market, yet I'm close enough to appreciate the atmosphere and sample the treats on display passing through on a weekly walk with my dear friend Homie. On this occasion, we caught a glimpse of real London which isn't very often in the Broadway Market bubble inside the laundrette."

The Imaginary Tennis Club (2003) Uploaded by Anonymous

"For a brief period between 2003-2005, 'The Imaginary Tennis Club' (design and music video/film directors) and its art gallery 'Millers Terrace' fired the surrounding top end of what was a derelict Dalston. From a rawkus inception (party invitation shown) and throughout you may have found on any given day/night a unique artist, musician, or shaker; Dizzee Rascal, Kevin Rowland, Andy Bell, Jens Hoffman, Gang Gang Dance, M.I.A, Lethal B, Hot Chip, Paul Epworth, Wolfgang Tillmans, to name just a few, collaborating, commissioning, playing, viewing or partying with the club or all of the above."

Keeling House (1998) Uploaded by Tim Noakes

"Denys Lasdun's Keeling House is the building that made me come to East London. It was situated opposite my potential halls of residence on Claredale Street and was the coolest, scariest looking building I had ever seen. The walls were crumbling and it was home to crack heads, tramps and pyromaniacs. Its modernist lines and faded glamour reminded me of JG Ballard's High Rise. As a Home Counties kid craving some action, I gave it one look and knew that I had found my London stomping grounds. At various points that year, me and my friends would go and explore the tower after coming home from clubbing. All of the flats were completely ruined, covered in graffiti, littered with needles, glass and rags. But if you made it onto the roof, you would be greeted with one of the best views in the entire city. Sitting up there watching the sun come up over London is still one of my favourite memories of living in the East End... although my friend Ed once climbed onto the outside ledge and nearly fell to his death, which was a bit of a buzzkill. Luckily I pulled him back. A year later it was sold to a private developer and now it's been completely renovated with flats selling for over £500,000. I wonder if the current residents have any idea of its past life? I'd love to see some pre-millenium pictures of it."

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