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Art Car Boot Fair 2012

We talk to designer Pam Hogg ahead of this weekend's art frenzy at London's Truman Brewery

In what's quickly become a must-attend event, this year's Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair takes place at the Old Truman Brewery in east London on May 27th. Legendary and up-and-coming artists gather to sell one off works, just-for-the-day pieces and more from car boots, with treasures priced between £10 and £1,000. With artists confirmed including Tracey Emin, Sir Peter Blake, Polly Morgan, Bob & Roberta Smith, Ian Dawson, Pam Hogg, Jessica Albarn, Mat Collishaw, Pure Evil, Turps Banana, DavidDavid and Wildcat Will on the lot, it's a rare chance to support creativity, start a collection and meet the artists themselves.

Having felt the word 'Icon' was over used, I designed an I-con range specially for the fair a few years back and I just keep adding to it

Ahead of the event, Dazed Digital spoke to Hogg, a counterculture icon treading the line between fashion and rock, learning what she'll have for sale as well as what you should probably listen to on the way there.

Dazed Digital: What can we look forward to from your car boot?
Pam Hogg: Vauxhall are lending me a beautiful blue vintage car for the day so that's a great start.

DD: Any advance notice on what you'll have for sale?
Pam Hogg: Having felt the word 'Icon' was over used, I designed an I-faircon range specially for the fair a few years back and I just keep adding to it. I use my image on all the products which include a selection of printed bone china I-con mugs, T-shirts, plates, badges and pocket mirrors. A new design is being printed right now, it's my first multicolor T-shirt print. I also have some signed posters and handmade CD's of my music for sale, and this year there's a new limited edition of 10 hand screen prints that I’ve signed.

DD: What's the best road trip you've ever been on?
Pam Hogg: I did the Gumball Rally about 10 years ago. We started in NY and ended up in the Playboy mansion in LA via Dallas Graceland and Vegas. It was absolute madness. We drove all day and partied all night and had to be up at the crack of dawn for the pistol start. Over a hundred cars were taking off at the same time every day. I was meant to just be filming the trip but it was so exhausting for the driver I had to take over when she fell asleep at the wheel one day on the outside lane of a five lane highway. I hadn't driven in 15 years but just once around the rest stop and I was off like a bullet.

DD: What's the ultimate soundtrack to a journey?
Pam Hogg: On that trip we were rockin' to all the classic road trip tracks like Brand New Cadillac, Roadrunner, Highway 66, Mustang Sally. It's got to be tunes that everyone can sing to.

More info on the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair HERE