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East London 2012: Your Memories

We pick out our favourite memory posts on our ongoing 'Secret History of East London' map

We continue our trip down memory lane with you, highlighting a few of the memories you've posted on our time line. The project maps the changes east London has seen over the 15 years and is about to face, with the Olympics around the corner. Keep posting memories of gigs, expos, clubnights, parties and any other events that you can remember...

A Rooftop Sunrise During the London Riots (2011) Uploaded by Katy Braybrooke

"I'll always remember this moment of calm in a night of chaos - it was dusk on August 7th, and everyone in the hood knew the London Riots were about to hit Hackney, Dalston and the East. If we weren't preparing to roam the streets with baseball bats and mace, we were inside glued to BBC livestreams and Twitter #riot2012 feeds. My flatmates were in the midst of an argument about what to do when we were all silenced by this sight - two neighbours having beers on the rooftop across from us, oblivious to the strife below, quietly enjoying the sunset together."

Banksy's Pulp Fiction Stencil (2002) Uploaded by J

"In April 2007 Banksy's 2002 Pulp Fiction piece near Old Street tube station was painted over by London Transport workmen despite having an estimated value of more than £300,000 at the time. Asked to comment on the mural's destruction, a Transport for London spokesman said "Our graffiti removal teams are staffed by professional cleaners not professional art critics." Banksy then painted over the same spot with a similar image... which was then tagged by Ozone, a 19-year-old graffiti writer who added insult to injury with the line, "If it's better next time, I'll leave it." When Ozone was killed by a train he was trying to spray-paint not long afterwards, Banksy painted the following mural and posted on his website: "When we lost Ozone we lost a fearless writer and, as it turns out, a pretty perceptive art critic. Rest in piece (sic)." The mural lasted until 2009."

Hackney Wick Stadium (2000) Uploaded by Michele Panzeri

"I shot this image of Hackney Wick Stadium in 2000 and it's a part of a series taken in hackney from 1999 onwards. The stadium was built for greyhound racing and as a speed track, but was then already in disuse and hosted a sunday market. It was demolished in 2003. The area is now included in the Olympic village and if I am not wrong there's the media and broadcasting centre built there."

Dazed Digital invites you to map your east London memories on our timeline, 'A Secret History of East London'. Get involved HERE...