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Holly White - Expo2015: Now We Can Begin

As the Peckham-based art collective LuckyPDF reaches the end of its three issue long Dazed art residency, we premiere this film from one of its collaborators

"If we assume the 2012 Olympics is the point where the world ends as we know it, then we can also assume that a few years on we will be ready to rebuild our lives.

Expo2015 is a future expo, happening in 2015, showcasing everything we will need for the new future and celebrating the opportunity for a fresh start.

This video is a taster for Expo2015. It is a respectful and mournful nod at the 2012 past we'll of left behind, but also a jubilant opening ceremony for the future ahead, in deep space. 

This is just one of many videos I've been making recently. Since the end of 2011, I've been making and uploading vlogs onto my youtube channel, to act as time capsules, in case this is the last year the internet exists, or in case the internet will become the only thing that exists."

Holly White