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East London 2012: A Secret History of East London

Dazed Digital invites you to map your east London memories on our timeline

The future might be unwritten, but the past 15 years of east London is full of glorious memories, creative days, lost nights and more than a few hangovers – life on the knife-edge of a vital, burgeoning scene.

In the May issue, Dazed asked a host of creatives, pioneers and dreamers whether rising rents, silicon roundabouts and a surfeit of artisanal coffee means that it's all over for the creative inhabitants of east London.

Now, Dazed Digital turns cartographer and invites you to upload your favourite memories from the creative history of east London, creating an alternative history of the area: an archive of highlights from the grassroots and underground creative movements that made the area so exciting. Away from the billboards, residential developments and the talk of 'Tech City', we want to see what really made east happen in the first place.

Clubs, flyers, artworks, photographs, galleries, raves, street art, pirate radio, squat parties, pubs, bars and all the things in-between, now is the chance to contribute your favourite moment for posterity. Get uploading!

Get involved with Dazed's 'A Secret History of East London' HERE - When tweeting about your memory, please tag it with #SecretHistory

The May issue of Dazed & Confused is out now