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Kathryn Ferguson

BlinkART at Nova

We speak to founder Jennifer Byrne of the arts collective ahead of their stage up at this year's Nova Festival

Founded by Jennifer Byrne, Blinkart is a collective of artists, designers and filmmakers who work across a range of multi-disciplinary projects including the likes of Alex Turvey, Chrissie Abbott, David Wilson and Kathryn Ferguson. Having exhibited at Jaguar Shoes, KK Outlet and the Pompidou Centre in Paris, their projects have ranged from sculpture, to installations, typography, illustration and animation.

This July, the collective will be bringing down a team of directors and producers from the world of prop-making, art direction, set design, stop motion and illustration to arts & music fesitval, Nova. Hosting a craft tent, they'll be inviting the audience to get involved and make their own sets, storyboards, illustrations and short films, through talks and lessons. Organised by those behind The Big Chill, Nova Festival will be held in West Sussex, headlined by Ghostpoet, Krystal Klear, and tUnE-yArDs.

Dazed Digital: What tasks have you got lined up for the Blinkart afternoon salons and who will be involved?
Jennifer Byrne:
We are going to be working together across art direction, set design, stop motion animation, illustration and more to create a short film by the end of the weekend, with the help of Nova festival goers. You can learn how to make meticulous miniature sets from paper and card, add your own chapters to a collective storyboard and discuss the current landscape of art and film with talks from our directors.
DD: Who have you picked to showcase in the Blinkart collective at Nova?

Jennifer Byrne: Belfast born filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson, who over the past four years has made shorts for the likes of fashion designer Richard Nicoll, Katie Eary and Lady Gaga, and has more recently completed a visually stunning personal film called Máthair, exploring her Catholic upbringing. Kathryn works with the British Council giving talks about her craft to women worldwide, and has recently launched a new festival FASH/ON Film with the British Fashion Council.

Kyle Bean is an artist and designer who specialises in hand made models, sets and tactile illustrations. His work is extraordinarily detailed, and uses a range of everyday materials and found objects including paper, wood and even eggshells. He will be trying to teach us mortals how to recreate some of his recent pieces which have starred in films for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Wallpaper*, Selfridges and the Design Museum.
Alex Turvey is one of the most magical directors and designers around, inspired by Cornish folklore and Twin Peaks, Alex’s music videos, fashion films and art installations are laced with his dark, surreal signature style and often feature glitter, acid, melting ice, polystyrene and metal in compromising positions. He has recently returned from creating the visuals for Blanck Mass’s stage set at ATP festival, and will be sharing his wisdom and experimenting some more all weekend with much more to be confirmed.

DD: What is it about Nova that ties in with what Blinkart is doing / why did you want to get involved?
Jennifer Byrne: I’m really excited about Nova festival, as it is artist led. We really have absolute freedom to create interesting experiences which can be shared en masse, surrounded by other artists, amazing musicians and what I am sure will be a very open minded crowd.
DD: What's next?
Jennifer Byrne: Well, we have some new dynamic additions to the collective and I can’t wait to see what new work they make, It’s a very exciting time for the art world in general with methods of working constantly evolving, and new opportunities arising in unlikely places. We have multiple projects in the pipeline across installations, film and editorial, we are always trying to push things forward and most importantly enjoy.

Nova Festival: Thursday 5th– 8th July 2012, Bignor Park, Pulborough, West Sussex