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Best of Moscow

Dazed’s local city editors in Russia's capital chose their favourite music and photography stories of the year

Earlier this year in March, Dazed and Swatch unveiled a brand new website dedicated to daily, exclusive stories from the world’s most exciting cities and new creative hubs. Satellite Voices is led by our local city editors, on the ground across Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, Moscow, Munich, Rome, Santiago and Dubai, celebrating each region’s fresh, emerging talent alongside homegrown cultural icons. As a round up of 2011, our city editors pick their favourite Satellite Voices stories in fashion, music, art, film, photography and culture.

Chosen by Kemal Tarba

Photography: Lena Vazhenina
Lena Vazhenina’s works are challenging, sometimes humorous and often unsettling. She explores the issues of identity and gender through the polymorphous sex creatures that inhabit her photographs.
Culture: Dima Pantyushin
Clevermoto is a community of young Muscovites, valuing time, style, comfortable transportation and aesthetics. That is why their retro-scooters they are running are so feverishly beautifully. We caught up with Dima Pantyushin – founder and ideologist of Clevermoto to talk about his city inspirations.

Photography: Anastasia Rudenko
Anastasia Rudenko’s evocative photography series are a visual journey to those parts of Russia a lot of people either don’t know or ignore. Her “Visual Dictionary of Russia” – as Anastasia calls it herself, presents the audience such visceral stories with a verve that very few artists capable of.   

Chosen by Kristina Voytovich

Music: Simple Symmetry
Simple Symmetry is the ambitious project of two brothers, Sasha (keybords in Pompeya) and Sergey Lipsky, who are already infamous within the Moscow nightlife scene and blessed by Quentin Tarantino.