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Dazed Digital: Best of Films 2011

There's been plenty of sensational films, made by inspiring directors and featuring amazing actors, and here's a round up of our coverage

Films aren't necessarily something we cover every day on Dazed Digital. There are so many going up in the cinemas throughout the year that we can't keep up with the amount of great flicks on offer. That means that the ones we do pay attention to are special and unique. We try and select a few we feel are relevant to us and to you, our readers. Often we look for an off-beat theme, an interesting director, an impressive film made on a small budget, a topic that we feel is important... or maybe the script and the actors are just too good to ignore!

For us, it's been a great year for films... we've interviewed actors from Hollywood blockbusters as well as indie films, directors and filmmakers behind both documentaries and performance art clips. As with everything else on Dazed Digital, we're looking for inspirational, forward-thinking, honest and hard-hitting films. Here's hoping the next film year will be as good as 2011...

The Rum Diary: Amber Heard Interview
We speak to the actress who stars in the new Hunter S. Thompson novel adaptation about working with Johnny Depp and her representation of the American Dream

We Need To Talk About Kevin: Eszra Miller Interview
Lynne Ramsey’s adaptation of the best-selling book 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' stars Miller as a troubled kid, raised by Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly

The Advocate for Fagdom: Bruce LaBruce Interview
Filmmaker Angelique Bosio looks closer at the controversial artist in this documentary, featuring John Waters, Harmony Korine, Richard Kern and Gus Van Sant

Our Day Will Come: Vincent Cassel Interview
The revered French actor talks about working with Romain Gavras on 'Our Day Will Come' and tells us why it's important to maintain a sense of humour at all times

Route Irish: Ken Loach Interview
We discuss Loach's latest venture, a thriller about conspiracies and workers in Iraq, with himself and up and coming director Luke Seomore

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec: Luc Besson Interview
We speak to the legendary director about bringing to life a classic comic book heroine and satisfying the human desire for fantasy

Pina: Wim Wenders Interview
The iconic filmmaker discusses his emotive elegy to the experimental choreographer Pina Bausch and tells us why dance is the language of the soul

Melancholia: Alxender Skarsgård Interview
The True Blood actor talks about working with Danish provocateur Lars Von Trier, starlet Kirsten Dunst... and his own dad

Sleepless Nights Stories: Jonas Mekas Interview
Dazed spoke to the filmmaker who's presenting Lithuanian artist Vilius Orvydas at the Serpentine expo this weekend, and showing his new film, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS STORIES, as part of the London Film Festival

Wurthering Nights: Andrea Arnold Interview
The Brit director talks us through her adaptation of the Emily Brontë novel, her previous job as a TV presenter and why she didn't need a musical score for Wuthering Heights