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Diptyque's Winter Warmth

Diptyque’s latest winter collection takes inspiration from its little known roots in fabric

Since its inception in 1961, diptyque's passion for creativity and design have seen it evolve in to a world renowned perfume house. When you hear its name, your nose and mind are instantly transported to the world of scent. However, it is little know fact that the trio of founders’ first business pursuit in the early 1960s was making and selling upholstery fabric. From the world of fine arts and decoration, Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant created fabrics printed with graphical patterns, subtly inspired by contemporary design and minimalist abstraction.

As it developed, the boutique at 34 boulevard Saint Germain proposed coloured candles to match the fabrics. Then came the idea to give the wax a scent. From fabric to perfume, the first diptyque candle was born. Today, the House celebrates its fiftieth anniversary with a winter candle collection that honours its roots in fabric. This winter, diptyque have created a holiday collection of two scents, Epinette and Peridigone, from an intimate 2.4oz to a spectacular 63.5oz. Epinette, reminiscent of escapades in pine tree forests and Perdigone, a concentrate of fruity and delicious odours, both perpetuate the tradition of end of year festivities and are wrapped in the legendary fabrics from the 60s.

The pair of festive scents reinvent four of the House's most emblematic fabrics. A dazzling quilt of greens enhanced with gold and a symphony of red and gold, the coloured candle jars are entirely decorated with unusual, creative and elegant patchwork repeating the most emblematic patterns of the House: “Prétorien”, the oval shape which inspired diptyque’s iconic logo, “Légende”, “Paladin” and “Choriambe”. Whilst the cases of both display the same graphical codes as their candles making them ideal gifts for the festive season.

The Holiday Collection is now available online