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The Wall: London’s Most Public Gallery

Village Underground unveil their ambitious new art project and want you to get involved

To celebrate their five year anniversary, the east London art and music hub Village Underground, founded by Auro Foxcroft launches The Wall, a massive public art project, and is looking to you to be a part of this dream, permanent creative space. Underneath the iconic Steve “ESPO” Powers piece towering over Great Eastern Street, Village Underground are looking to raise money to install glass frames over four, currently brick panels. This will mean that instead of the temporal art pieces that are constantly being painted over, Village Underground can showcase work in a permanent manner and support the work of interactive digital artists, photographers and filmmakers, along with versatile paintings and illustrations on mounted boards or canvases. With over 1,500,000 people passing the wall each month - that’s an epic audience of 18 million people a year.

With their campaign up on Kickstarter offering the public one-of-a-kind rewards for pledges, you can get your hands on a variety of pledge prizes. From limited edition postcards from Ben EINE, Herakut and Pete Fowler through to getting your name etched into a brick in The Wall, exclusive gig tickets and a day’s creative session with the Village Underground artists.

Dazed Digital: What would you say is the current state of public art in London?
Auro Foxcroft:
That there isn't enough. The street art thing is still growing a lot round here and its great to live in a city thats so colourful, there are plenty less lucky than us. But if you take street art out of the equation then its pretty thin on the ground. It would be amazing if other artforms were more public, less locked away in pristine white galleries, inaccessible to most people. It’s one of the things we are trying to achieve with our Wall project - hit people up with amazing photography, mixed media work and interactive art.

DD: Who would be on your artist wish list to collaborate with?
Auro Foxcroft:
The list is too long. Rather than individual artists, I would say that the flavour we're striving for is more collaborative work that mixes art forms. Maybe that starts with musicians from different traditions, generations or continents, perhaps it means performance art that uses interactive technology or bands doing shows with video mapping. It’s those special one off, holy shit moments.

DD: What other projects are you working on with Village Underground?
Auro Foxcroft:
We're working on some exciting new stuff outside of the UK at the moment. Village Underground sister projects in Berlin and Lisbon are picking up pace. It’s a similar idea of having big, raw, multifunctional spaces that can morph from exhibition hall, to concert hall, to theatre show, to party. Then adding in the onsite creative community that brings its beating heart. We're trying to make Village Underground into an international culture swap. We're also going to take VU on tour, we're taking some specially adapted tube trains to festivals, they arrive on huge lorries and turn into venues for different shows. It’s going to be exciting to spend more time out of our building!