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Occupy London: Nicholas Shaxson

The acclaimed author and journalist is this weekend talking about tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions at St Paul's tent camp

Nicholas Shaxson is the heroic thinker on global tax avoidance and leading critic of murky old boys networks such as the Corporation of the City of London, the enemy of the current Occupy London movement. For the April Money issue of Dazed, our Editor Rod Stanley met Shaxson and asked him help break down the baffling nature of the global economic crisis, and discussed the campaigning bodies scrambling for an alternative, such as UK Uncut. Now London is home to semi-permanent zones of protest in the form of Occupy’s tent communities, and Shaxson, the author of 'Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World', is taking the debate to St Paul’s Tent City University. He is joined by Jersey Paliamentarian Montford Tadier and Anthea Lawson, the senior investigator for the campaigning group, Global Witness.
Tax Havens/Secrecy Jurisdictions will take place at 5pm on Saturday 19 November in the ‘University Tent’, (next to the ‘Info Tent’), at the OccupyLSX camp, outside St Paul’s Cathedral. All events are free and open to anyone...

Text by Tim Burrows
Photo by Carl Farrugia