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Occupy London: Get Involved!

Dazed Digital are calling out to writers, bloggers and photographers to join in and report on the Occupy London March tomorrow

November 9th National Demo / Occupy London

Are you attending the National Demo and Walkout against fees and cuts on November 9th? Have you been at the Occupy London camp and events?

We are looking for students, photographers, bloggers, writers and filmmakers to report on the next step of the Occupy movement, starting with the National Demo march.

Since its inception less then two months ago, the Occupy protest has become one of the most important social movement to emerge this decade, with Occupy protests now in over 900 cities around the world. Young people have played a vital role from the start - this is the generation staring into the barrel of economic crises, rising unemployment and environmental meltdown. Dazed stands in solidarity with the global anger at corporate greed and income inequality - we are the 99%.

Wednesday November 9th: National Demo and Walkout - 12pm, University of London Union, Malet Street, London

Send us your pictures, ideas, experiences and short films, and show us how the anti fees and cuts protests and Occupy movements are creating real change.

Please send your submissions to