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WeSC x The Standard: Cheryl Dunn

We speak to the NY-based photographer about her part in the new project from the clothing and headphones label's collaboration

Launching today, 2nd November, WeSC & The Standard have embarked on a new collaboration presenting a new accessory series for each of the Standard Hotels alongside a special pair of headphones. Holding an extensive arts project, they have invited five unique artists to make one film each for the relevant Standard hotel in their hometowns. Creatives such as Cheryl Dunn, FriendsWithYou, Beth Riesgraf, Giovanni Reda, and Steed Lord will be making individual films for the project. Here we speak to New York-based photographer Cheryl Dunn about her involvement in the project...

Dazed Digital: How did you get into photography?
Cheryl Dunn:
I started shooting a lot as a teenager. After going to college and studying art history and tripping around europe for a year, I came back to ny  to dismal prospects and photography was the only thing that fully engaged me on all levels. I quite all my jobs and sublet my apartment and moved to Milan to pursue it.  

DD: How would you describe your style of photography? As well as your personal approach to style? 
Cheryl Dunn: I am a documentarian. Film, and photography and street photography. I use mostly Leicas and either slide in and around scenes and subjects or engage them depending on the circumstances. When magic instances happen I try to be prepared to react at all times. The camera and how people react to it is very curious these days and changes by the minute.

I think there is an interesting curiosity for a younger generation with analog cameras. Strangers say funny things to me when they see me using this camera. I think they are more open to being part of that process as it is more and more rare. When doing assignments I like to create a scenario that is interesting and adventurous and let subjects react naturally within that so we all have a real experience.  

DD: Which photographers have influenced or inspired you the most and why? 
Cheryl Dunn: Bruce Davidson. The book Subway is one of the best photography books ever.  

DD: What was it like to take on a project like for WeSC? Had you had a lot of contact with the brand before? 

Cheryl Dunn:
I have worked with wesc on numerous campaigns in the last few years. so they are my friends. It was fun to do this film as it was more open to interpretation and the backdrop of the Standard was amazing. I chose the elements and a loose story and let the characters enjoy themselves and play.  

DD: What other projects are you working on at the moment?
Cheryl Dunn: I am finishing up a feature documentary on NYC street photographers called Everybody Street and I have an upcoming photography/film exhibition in Milan entitled 'Uncanny' at Galleria Patricia Armocida.