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Alex Turvey's Object Abuse

We speak to the acclaimed designer and fashion film director about his latest work and what he has in store at his upcoming show at KK Outlet

Direction and fine design have never been so intune with each other as they are when Alex Turvey exemplifies the stunning combination through his diverse collection of works. Having worked with clients such as Nike and Levi's, alongside being hailed as one of the most exciting new prospects in his respective field, you would suspect the overwhelming pressure might take its toll upon Turvey. However, the ingenuity in his projects that circulate around the diversity of approach provides a constant formula for success, meaning the door can only open wider. We talk to the hyped creative who tells us about his design background that is helping him to become a self-taught fashion filmmaker.

Dazed Digital: You work as a multidisciplinary Filmmaker / Designer - how do your various projects compliment each other and what is your preferred medium?
Alex Turvey:
I started out as a designer obsessed with the idea of becoming a director / filmmaker, investing alot of my spare time in self-initiated films, using my design skills to create sets, costumes and basically everything you see on screen as well as directing the films.

My design background has definitely played a huge part in my self-taught approach to film, and helped me develop an aesthetic. I now blur the boundaries between all my projects, often taking influence from an idea I've been working on for a film and applying it to a design brief and vice-versa. It has become a very natural process which I love.
DD: Being hailed as one of 'Fashion's new generation of film makers' is a heavy accolade. Do you find it exciting to be presented in this way?
Alex Turvey:
Absolutely. It's a little terrifying if I think about it but I try not to over analyse these things. As long as I keep my head down and produce good work I'm happy, if you get lost in what people think or expect of you it can destroy your process.
These kind of accolades do push you to raise your game, I've been working on my first short film for most of the year now, there will be a heavy fashion influence and it is being soundtracked by the amazing Benjamin John Power of 'Blanck Mass' / ‘Fuck Buttons’.  
DD: Can you tell us about your involvement in the forthcoming Object Abuse expo?
Alex Turvey:
Post abuse, my object has the ability to ward off evil spirits, that’s all I'm saying for now so you'll have to come down and take a look.
DD: To you, why is it important to be apart of a showcase among leading designers?

Alex Turvey: It's always great to create work for a good cause, and this project has been a great excuse for me to derail my creative process and start thinking outside my comfort zone. No budget, such an open brief and the added pressure of knowing that you’ll be showing your work along side such incredible talent has left my mind slightly blown. I’m also now way too aware of every single object that occupies my everyday life.

DD: What has been your most creatively rewarding project to date?
Alex Turvey:
For me It’s always the no budget jobs with ridiculously huge ideas that I get the most out of. I love the challenge of setting yourself a near impossible task, then actually making it happen with 1p budget.My recent video for 'Icke's Struggle' by Blanck Mass (Benjamin John Power of Fuck Buttons solo project) was a totally ridiculous process. We came up with the idea of building a tropical forest, which we would erode into a bed of raw minerals under a shower of acid rain.

It was a complicated process in which I collaborated with my friends Die Mortal using a lo-fi technique that allowed us to achieve all of our special effects in camera. Only one small hitch occurred throughout in the form of the set catching fire during a post shoot, acid rain fume induced celebration. Three fire engines and one massive toxic headache later we had the video.

DD: Do you have any plans in the near and distant future?
Alex Turvey:
As I previously mentioned, Im currently working on my first short film. This has been my a massive labour of love for many many months, but I'm very proud of it so far and can't wait to get it out to the world. I also have an experimental music promo on the go, and another fashion film in early development. Finally, I will also be exhibiting as part of the Blink Art group show at Jaguar Shoes throughout September.

Object Abuse Exhbition runs from 2 - 25th September at KK Outlet. Alex is also showcasing his work at Blink Art, opening September 2nd - October 23rd at their flagship venue Dream Bags JaguarShoes