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Kid Creature's Artworks

We speak to the illustrator and avid surfer making waves with his label Kid Creature

At such a young age, illustrator, fundraiser and surfer Calvin Saxton is truly aspiring. Not many 11-year-olds can fit into this bracket and lay claim to having their own label. On this note, neither can many labels say they hold the same charitable nature and commitment to a worthy cause that Kid Creature does.

However, what every kid his age does share is a total exuberance for life which Saxton displays through his love of surfing and in his playfully expressive artwork. This has gained him widespread recognition from renowned supporters in the surf and art world of Newport, California, especially considering that he takes to the waves despite suffering from severe asthma. Ultimately it is the dedicated ethos of Kid Creature towards helping disadvantaged children and making a difference in their lives that really stands out. We talk with Saxton to find out more.

Dazed Digital: When did you first discover your passion for illustration?
Calvin Saxton:
My sister drew a Cyclops for a report she did on Homer's Odyssey. I thought I could draw a better Cyclops than her so that is how I started. My friend saw it, freaked out & wanted to glass it on his board. Andrew Doheny & Ford Archbold seemed to like it so I started drawing a few things for them.

DD: In what ways has surfing made an impact upon your life and has it made a difference to your art-work at all?
Calvin Saxton:
It has helped with my asthma. I draw & paint on a lot of boards which is is kind of different than just paper & canvas. I have painted surfboard creatures. I made a huge one out of wood too.

DD: Apart from surfing and illustration - what else inspires you?
Calvin Saxton:
Helping people inspires me. Makes me feel good.

DD: The website really gives a strong sense of family and community. In some ways is this what you attempt to give to other people? A feeling of togetherness?
Calvin Saxton:
Oh for sure. It is cool working with other people who do rad art & are fun to hang with. My whole family does stuff for Kid Creature and we try to work with sick local people.

DD: Kid Creature produce donates 10% of all sales to help fight cystic fibrosis - What's the story behind this?
Calvin Saxton:
I have asthma & the salt water makes me breathe tons better and kids with CF have it about a hundred times worse breathing. It is important to help other people who have problems or sickness. Doing it just for money doesn't really have a good point to it. It is pretty selfish and stupid.

DD: Do you have anything your working on at the moment and what are your plans for the future?
Calvin Saxton:
Well I am working on "Magnum" right now haha! I just came out with a sock for Stance which is pretty sick & I have a about five shirts dropping this month with Volcom which I am stoked about. I just finished a huge collab peice with Ozzie Wrong & Ben Brough which turned out really cool. We auctioned it off for $1500. Pipeline To A Cure gets all the money. And I just want to keep on making art & helping people.