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Jotta at Latitude

Creative lot jotta collaborated with Fallon Films on a nocturnal visual arts piece for Latitude

For the second year, art & design collective jotta collaborated with Fallon Films to bring new pieces of work from today's emerging film and animation artists to 2011's Latitude Festival. Utilised via a giant holographic 3D moving image display floating above the lakes at the centre of the festival, where short films and animations by both the Fallon Films team and jotta artists were shown in truly unique surroundings. Twelve contributing artists and designers took part in the stunning array of surreal moving image pieces via water projections. We speak to jotta Art Director Dan Price about the installation...

Dazed Digital: How did the new piece progress from/relate to last year's at Latitude if it did at all?
Last year gave valuable insight into what worked really well on the water screen and what wasn't as strong. Water is an incredible medium but one you don't often get the opportunity to work with. It has a real 3D quality which along with the reflection from the lake itself, can make animations literally 'jump' out at you. The lack of a hard edge to the screen (the water just dissipates at the edges) is another thing we played with a lot with in partnership with Fallon Film who commissioned us (and made some awesome in-house visuals). Some moving image pieces can look amazing on a computer screen, but when up on the water, they completely don't translate either because they're too detailed or are too subtle in their movement. Same can be said the other way too, sometimes imagery that looks too stripped back or basic on screen looks amazing projected on water. Getting the balance right will always be an experiment, but last year made it easier to communicate to the artists how to get the most from their work.

DD: With the 12 emerging artists you have chosen, was there any particular concept you asked them to focus on or was it free reign for artistic direction?
Jotta: This year, the theme was 'Synergy'. We wanted the 12 artists to explore how two things can come together to form something not obtainable independently. Aside from that, and some technical and visual advice from us when needed, it was creative free reign. It's really exciting getting the work through as you know everyone's doing it because it's such an awesome creative opportunity. And when you see it on the water, you literally have to see it to believe it.

DD: You explain the notion of synergy and it's importance in this years installation. Would you agree that to some extent this reflects the nature of a festival itself?
Jotta: I think the choice of theme is somewhat dictated by what people want to see when they come to Latitude; it has to fit, and in turn I guess it therefore reflects the nature and ethos of the festival. We didn't want visually aggressive or offensive stuff - not too ravey - we wanted people to able to get immersed in it, to be seduced and bowled over at the same time!

DD: Each night after the music stops, a giant moving hyper-holographic 3D image that floats above the Lake of the festival; Is there symbolic meaning to the routine of your visuals?
Jotta: What's most fascinating is how each artist arrived at their own concept of how they responded to 'Synergy', each communicating this in their own way. Rafael Pavon for example created a stunning rotating light-sculpture made from photos of neon signs seen in Lithuania; Joel Somerfield (from the collective Order) video'ed floating hands juggling which overlaid to create kaleidoscopic patterns and Paul Ferragut made enveloping ever-expanding shapes created via generative algorithms.

DD: For those unfamiliar with what you do, how woul you describe your work?
Jotta: Jotta works to provide a platform to facilitate collaboration by bringing artists and designers together to create new output. We work with artists and designers in almost any way imaginable from these visuals for Latitude, exhibiting in institutions and galleries, commissioning installations, creating viral animations, spatial design projects and graphic design projects in print and online.