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Mark Leckey's Top Five Objects

As his 'See, We Assemble' exhibition continues at the Serpentine Gallery, we ask the artist to list his absolute favourite things in life

Turner Prize winner, video pioneer, the man with a hard on for Felix the Cat – Mark Leckey is an artist’s artist. His pop references and embracement of technology (he recently started his own YouTube channel) mark him out with a massive influence on the current generation. On the eve of a solo show at the Serpentine, he shared his top ten YouTube videos, here we collate his Top Five Objects.

Samsung RFG293HABP French Door Refrigerator
"I grew to love this object while working with it on GreenScreenRefrigeratorAction. The smartest appliance I know."

Jeff Koons Stainless Steel Rabbit
"An impossibly perfect object. A thought made real."

Ludwig Supra Phonic 6.5"x14" Chrome Snare Drum
"This is something ancient and modern, its been played for millennia and now you can watch yourself beating it."

Pair of Kangaroo skin shoes from Vincci’s of Jermyn Street
"I bought these when I had some money. They have a hole in them now so I can no longer wear them but I keep them as a perfect example of ‘shoeness’. They look like a drawing of a shoe. If the word ‘shoe’ comes into your mind that’s what look like that."

A good boulder

"I haven’t got one in particular, its just that sensation when you come across a really big stone in all its obdurate materiality. Something that says I am an object in the world."

Mark Leckey: See, We Assemble, until June 26, Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens, London, W2