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Nicolas Pol Recommends

The Paris-based artist exhibits his 'Sick Atavus of the New Blood' artworks at Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld's NYC gallery

This May, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld presents 'Sick Atavus of the New Blood', a new solo exhibition from the Paris-based artist Nicolas Pol. Transforming the industrial setting of 560 Washington Street into a guerilla museum space, the exhibition consists of 20 new paintings and 16 drawings layered with paint, stencils, text, and silkscreens of commercial information. Pol’s expo title of gives some insight to the morbidity and technological paranoia that underlines his work, as the second New York exhibition for him. The artist speaks to Dazed about his favourite sculptures and pieces of art...

Dazed Digital: The inspiration/starting point behind your exhibition?
Nicholas Pol:
I think it is an anonymous medieval drawing, allegory of bad governement. A "chimère" boar lion toad, bad lieutenant, and Megas Alexandros.

Can you recommend…

… One painting that everyone should see?
For today... Judith and Holophe(r)ne Caravaggio

… The most incredible public sculpture ever made?


… The most artistic sexual position?

Eye ejaculation

… Three ways in which art can save your life?

Saves you from being schooled
Saves you from teaching
Saves you from family

… The most inspiring artist ever to walk the earth?

Arthur Rimbaud

… The most challenging piece of work since duchamp exhibited a toilet bowl?

Bunuel movies before and after

The most important element of Warhol's legacy?

Electric Chairs

Three reasons why art is the new religion?

Art was always the new religion
God was born dead
You don't have to bow before art

One work of art that actually changed the world?

Don Quixote

The most interesting thing since breakfast?


Nicolas Pol’s new exhibition “Sick Atavus of the New Blood”, 560 Washington Street, New York, NY 10006 opens Thursday, May 5