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Modern Toss

The irreverent swearsmiths present an eclectic selection of wares at Brighton’s Ink_D Gallery

Jaunty English swearers, writers and cartoonists Jon Link and Mick Bunnage, known collectively as Modern Toss, extent their brand of dry humour and seaside postcard naughtiness to clothing, and royal wedding inspired 'Shitnacks' for an exhibition at Ink_D Gallery, Brighton, this weekend. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a multicoloured Swearing Jacket, designed in collaboration with bespoke tailor Gresham Blake. Ahead of the opening, Dazed Digital spoke to Modern Toss Jon Link about what makes a truly great British cunt and asks, will the swear-word well every run dry for the pair?

Dazed Digital: What new works are going to be on show in Brighton?
Jon Link:
The theme for the Brighton show is 'Modern Cloth' so the big one is the Swearing Jacket, which is made from slices of our hit tea towel 'The Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing'. There's also a royal wedding tea towel from Mr Tourette entitled 'Monarchs Piss Festival'. We've also got a load of new prints including a new 'Cheese and Wine' in which a man discusses pushing someone off a cliff while on holiday and some 'Drive By Abuser' letterpress prints, in which he focuses in on shopping, meetings and clouds. There's also a map illustrating how the week works and a selection of angry but confused protest posters

DD: Have you run out of words yet?
Jon Link:
In the same way that Beethoven never ran out of notes, we have a long way to go before our bucket clanks on an empty well. For starters we're making a talking interactive swearing table - with legs, buttons and speakers- which you'll be able to have a go on at this years Latitude festival.

DD: Why make a Swearing Jacket?
Jon Link:
We like jackets to have a purpose. You've already got smoking and hunting, now there's swearing. Our mate the tailor Gresham Blake offered to build it for us out of bits of cloth sewn together. We're hoping to get it in the V&A.

DD: Is it available to buy?
Jon Link:
 Yeah it is, you need to know what size you are though or it won't fit

DD: Who do you suppose would wear it?
Jon Link:
We reckon Alan Sugar, David Sullivan or Prince Phillip would look good in it - all wearing polo necks.

DD: What is the Britain’s Biggest Cunts book?
Jon Link:
Going back to Beethoven, it's a bit like an unfinished symphony in which we celebrate a collection of people who are pushing the boundaries of what makes today's Britain great. They're a new style of international entrepreneur slash bullshitter spouting their faces off all over the planet. We've been trying to get it published for seven years now and all we have so far is a series of legal reports saying we shouldn't bother, so we're just presenting the cover at the moment.

DD: Who features in it?
Jon Link:
There's a handful of stable big 'uns, Cowell, Morgan etc all burning their own shit like massive dwarf stars, then there's a load who drift in and out of the spotlight like floaters in a public swimming pool. They come and go like a load of cunting sheep running in and out of a pen.

DD: What makes a great British cunt? Is there something unique to being a British cunt as opposed to an American one, or French one for example?
Jon Link:
Italians make shoes; Britain makes cunts, that's what we're good at. Now we're really refining it. Having said that we haven't ruled out rolling it out across the globe, look out for 'Finlands Biggest Cunts". Come and have a look yeah, we'll be doing live portrait drawing on the 7th May. Get yourself a 12 second Toss portrait drawn by Jon or Mick. 

This Modern Cloth show opens at Ink_d Gallery, Brighton on the 29th April and runs to the 30th May