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Beck's Art Crawl

Celebrating 25 years of Beck’s Art Labels, the premium beer brand showcased both established artists and up-and-coming design talent in and around east London pubs and bars

This month's Art Crawl celebrated 25 years of the pioneering and iconic Beck’s Art Label. The beer manufacturer has of course been around a great deal longer. In fact, the German beverage brand kicked off in 1874 when it famously changed its bottle colour from the standardised brown to the forward thinking green. These days, except for serving up excellent lager, Beck's is also engaged in its Art Crawl. The idea is to equip a handful of east London bars and pubs with magnificent artworks by the likes of Tracey Emin, Jeff Koons, Bruce Mclean, Richard Long, Tim Head, Tony Oursler, Tim Noble & Sue Webster and Roderick Buchanan. Its sole purpose is enabling guests to indulge in fine art, as well as fine beer...

Beck's is also using the Art Crawl as a way of encouraging new design talent and to offer art school students a chance to have their work exhibited. Through designing a new Beck’s Art Label and submitting it via Beck’s Vier Facebook page, creative hopefuls were in with a chance to show off their work on the walls of the collaborating pubs. At the Art Crawl LIVE event in mid-April, six short-listed designs were selected by a panel of judges and recreated on a huge mural off Great Eastern Street by leading art collective End of the Line.

Another element of Beck's Art Crawl allowed passer-bys to indulge in Beck's 'Shoot Experience' event. Equipped with just a camera, their imagination and feet to endlessly walk the streets of London, participants were challenged to create their own Art Label, and then judged at the end of the day. Every member of the winning team received a limited edition print of the Art Label artwork of their choice, alongside a print of their own winning image. But you can also win limited edition prints of each art label by checking-in via Facebook at each of the venues. The competitor will be told straight away if he or she has won art or a free bottle of Beck's. The unlucky ones can just carry on art crawling to the next participating pub and try again...

Beck's Art Crawl, until April 28, in these east London pubs: Corner Shop, Juno, The Griffin, The Old Blue Last, The Owl & Pussycat, The Ten Bells, Benny's Bar and The Star of Bethnal Green