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DAZED LIVE: Christian Peterson Wants You

The day before our first ever festival, we speak to the publisher behind 'I Want You', a quarterly magazine specialising in discovering and platforming new psych-art and artists

After moving from the UK to Seattle, Christian Peterson set up 'I Want You' magazine in conjunction with his design company, Dumb-Eyes, in 2007. Based around discovering and platforming new psych-art and artists, the large format quarterly has gone on to become a point of reference in an often under represented community of artists. Asked to produce a collection of films by the artists he has worked with for Dazed Live, we got in touch with Christian to find out a bit more about the magazine what he's got planned.

Dazed Digital: What was the original idea behind starting I Want You magazine?
Christian Peterson:
I started 'I Want You' as interesting project for the graphic design company of which I am art director ( I wanted to give exposure to amazing artists that weren't necessarily getting it anywhere else, which some might say often has a certain 'altered' quality. Also as a way to elevate and inspire Seattle's art scene.

DD: Where do you find the artists you include?
Christian Peterson:
When we started I had to find all the artists by wading through the Internet. This was an extremely depressing process as it opened my eyes to the hideously pervasive trends that rule contemporary art. So many people in the world are drawing the same picture, taking the same photograph, making the same film. Finding work that I liked was incredibly hard, but then again I am really, really picky.

DD: Who and what have you included in the Dazed Live screening?
Christian Peterson:
A collection of amazing, unique and inspiring contemporary short films, as well a couple of music videos made by my company! It's a really great selection, Davidope, Kathleen Daniel, Christopher Schreck, Rossina Bossio, Elektra KB, Daniel Swan, Nicolas Sassoon, Kim Asendorf, Janne Parviainen, Sara Ludy, Steph Davidson, Dro Carey and Pierre "Magneto" Menard, Daniel Swan and Dumb Eyes.

DD: Is there a theme to the selection?
Christian Peterson:
There is definitely a 'psychedelic' quality to most of the work, but primarily in a way that wouldn't traditionally be called psychedelia. I think it works really well as a cohesive collection even though all of the work is very different, from smiley-cosmic-voyaging to blood-soaked-militant-feminism through twisted-digital-strangeness and everything in-between!

DD: What do you want to leave the audience with?
Christian Peterson:
Their minds blown!

Christian Peterson's selection is playing Dazed Live on Saturday April 9, 2011. The festival takes place at several occasions in and around Shoreditch and is presented in parthership with Levi's and Absolut Vodka. Find out more about the Dazed Live HERE and buy your tickets HERE

Dazed Live, in collaboration with the Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund, will donate 15% of ticket sales from the festival to help care for the survivors and to help rebuild the affected areas