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We land in China's creative capital to speak to our city editor Karchun Leung of the influential Break and Modern Weekly magazines

Karchun Leung’s writing career started whilst studying in Hong Kong, with his own self-published music magazine, Break. Leung went on work in the fashion industry before joining Hong Kong’s long running lifestyle and design title City Magazine as a fashion writer before moving to Shanghai. It’s here that he writes for Modern Weekly, the city culture title that distributes 600,000 copies a week. And it’s in Shanghai that Karchun leads the Satellite Voices team of local City Editors. This is our new cultural platform created by independent editors across the globe, exploring the creative cultural revolutions in these unique cities that deserve the world’s attention. Brought to you by Dazed and Swatch, the site supports the very best in fashion, music, art, film and photography from a local perspective, with global inspirations.

Dazed Digital: What’s your occupation?
Karchun Leung:
I am the features director of Modern Weekly, the most influential weekly magazine in China. And I also have a design company with my partner and my creating mobile apps.

DD: Where do you live and work?
Karchun Leung:
I live in the centre of Shanghai, and work everywhere and anywhere I can sit down with my computer and connect to the internet.

DD: What inspires you about the area that you live and work in?
Karchun Leung:
I live very close to the French concession, so the mixture of the buildings and people walking about the area always amused me.  

DD: What is your favourite hidden city spot and why?
Karchun Leung:
My favourite hidden spot is the local second-hand market, even though most of the people around think they only have very crap stuff. But I found my Bill Blass coat there for the price of a Big Mac.

DD: What can you find in your city that you can’t get anywhere else?
Karchun Leung:

DD: How would you describe your personal style of work?
Karchun Leung:
Very free but would be very focus when I found something interesting.

DD: What projects are you working on at the moment and what’s next?
Karchun Leung: Satellite Voices of course, working with a toy company on developing a new line of minimalism styled remote cars (because I think the remote controlled cars at the store right now are too complicated), and I am also planning to do a magazine with my friend in Beijing which is about long interviews with different types of people and hopefully that would publish around July.

Satellite Voices launch on Thursday March 24, 2011