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Ronan Mckenzie, founder of HOME
Courtesy of HOME by Ronan Mckenzie

Ronan Mckenzie’s HOME needs your help to stay alive in 2023

The Black-owned, accessible art space is in ‘desperate’ need of financial support

In 2020, the photographer, stylist, and designer Ronan Mckenzie added to her ever-expanding list of creative roles with a multifaceted creative space, HOME by Ronan Mckenzie. As one of just a few Black-owned art spaces in London, HOME has spent the last two years curating exhibitions, hosting events, and offering a free creative workspace with a focus on supporting Black and Indigenous People of Colour.

Now, though, Mckenzie has launched an appeal to save the space in a statement shared to Instagram. “We are currently in desperate need of support to keep HOME alive,” reads the post. “Over the past two years, Ronan has continually injected money made through her photography practice to keep HOME afloat. The financial pressure of maintaining HOME has been, and continues to weigh heavy on Ronan’s shoulders and is no longer something that she is able to financially support alone.”

In the interest of transparency, the post also details the monthly costs involved in running HOME, from rent and exhibitions costs, right down to how much is spent on utilities and wifi. To keep going until the end of January 2023 – with a long term plan to make HOME financially sustainable – the team that oversees the project is asking for £50,000 in community donations.

“As a team we have thought long and hard about how we can make it to the new year,” the post continues. “But currently as it stands it is not feasible. This isn’t something we wanted to ask our community for but we have reached a critical point where we have no choice but to ask.”

To back up the appeal, HOME has also shared its objectives for the upcoming year, spelling out its aims to become financially sustainable, and to retain ownership of the space in order to “maintain HOME’s ethos and [...] autonomy”. These aims include seven 2023 exhibitions, the launch of a creative agency and podcast, and a bi-annual newspaper.

If you’d like to donate to support HOME, a Black-owned, accessible, and welcoming arts space, you can access the fundraiser here.