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Gulnara Samoilova, “Cloud Eaters” (2018)
Women Street Photographers (2012) by Gulnara Samilova, is published by Prestel

This book reveals the rich, radical history of street photography by women

Women Street Photographers is a new anthology that gathers together some of the most evocative images of the world unfolding around us

Street photography freeze-frames the whirlwind of the world as it unfolds around us – snatches of unselfconscious, unadulterated joy, enigmatic scenes that appear like stills from an arthouse movie, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it absurdities of everyday life. Fleeting occurrences that may have otherwise passed by unacknowledged are suspended in time, creating the opportunity for us to really consider the ephemeral, precious phenomena of life. 

Women Street Photographers is a new anthology published by Prestel and edited by Gulnara Samoilova, which gathers together work by women from all over the world training their lenses on the world around them. 

In the opening essay, photographer and writer Melissa Breyer, takes us through the history of women who have pioneered the art of street photography, reminding us how the very act of recording what we see is so vital and has the potential to be revolutionary. So often perceived, historically, as the terrain of men, street photography is a way of transcribing history, and thereby taking ownership of the world around us; of adding our own voice to the narrative.  As a former-war photographer, Ami Vitale writes in her foreword to the book, “My camera empowered me from a young age and later, I came to realise, also gave me the ability to share and amplify other people’s stories. What was at first my passport to engage with the world eventually became my tool for changing it.”

Below, we take a look through some of the photographers included in Women Street Photographers and learn the stories behind these memorable images. 

Women Street Photographers, published by Prestel and edited by Gulnara Samoilova, is available here now