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Grayson Perry
courtesy of Instagram/@alanmeasles

Grayson Perry will broadcast art classes for people in lockdown

The Turner Prize-winning artist is taking part in new creative programming aimed at keeping people occupied during the coronavirus pandemic

With several countries on full lockdown due to coronavirus, and many businesses or institutions forced to shut down temporarily, it’s safe to say that some of us have been left with a lot of time on our hands. 

The downside is that this time can’t be spent lounging around outside or with friends and family, and the mental pressure of staying home all day can get to be a lot. On the upside, though, there are plenty of things to do other than panic, and soon Grayson Perry is set to contribute to the list.

Specifically, the Turner Prize-winning artist is set to launch a show, Grayson’s Art Club, which will teach people in quarantine or self-isolation how to make various forms of art.

The show – which will air on Channel 4 as part of the network’s new programming in response to the coronavirus pandemic – will feature lessons on drawing, painting and sculpture, plus interviews with other artists. The end goal is to inspire viewers to create artworks related to their isolation and exhibit them once the pandemic is over.

“Accessibility is a part of what I want to do which is make art an ordinary part of life but a stimulating part of life,” the artist tells the Evening Standard. “I’m not really talking to the art world, I’m more interested in the average Joe on the sofa.” 

Which is appropriate, because let’s be honest, the sofa is where a good percentage of us spend our days right now.