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Photographs of the New York City streets that will make you feel the warmth

Yusuke Miyagawa took the Panasonic Lumix S Series camera and went out to document NYC in summertime

Lumix S Series

The work of Japanese-born photographer Yusuke Miyagawa, who is now based in Brooklyn, is rooted in the city he calls home. His style is immediate and spontaneous and often focuses on the inhabitants of New York that he encounters during day-to-day life. Miyagawa is fascinated with the Harlem neighbourhood and central to his aesthetic are overlooked buildings, architecture, signage and found objects that give his images a sense of authenticity.

Miyagawa’s latest photo-series, taken with the Panasonic Lumix S Series camera, remains true to his signature aesthetic. This time, however, he chose to focus on the use of natural light to generate a particular mood. “I’m inspired by the nostalgic and sentimental feelings you get at the end of summer,” he explains.

“I wanted my photo story to give a sense of nostalgia as well as the vibe of the New York streets, blended together.”

The resulting work takes the form of a group of sun-infused images that almost make you feel the heat of a Harlem summer on your skin when viewing them. The photographer also explains that showcasing the unseen parts of NYC was vital when creating the series. “Whilst New York is one of the most photographed cities in the world, I believe many stories are left unspoken,” he says.

Whilst the series includes a man in a straw hat and floral cape, a girl in denim hot-pants shielding herself from the midday sun with an American flag and a group of friends sat in the back of a pick-up truck as an orange glow infiltrates the lens of the camera, Miyagawa has also captured still-life images. There are party balloons reflecting a white glare and flowers outside a store, vibrant with colour, and a grubby phonebox at sunset.

“I like to capture summer because I know that it is not going to be forever,” Miyagawa concludes. “Also I tend to think of the past more often during this season. For example, If I look at the sunset alone, my thoughts probably go to a childhood memory, parents, an ex-girlfriend, your home town, regrets... I don’t dislike this kind of feeling, though.”

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