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wes anderson

What to expect from Wes Anderson’s debut art show

The museum has described his curation as an ‘embarrassment of riches’

Wes Anderson’s distinct aesthetic has inspired wanderlust worthy Instagramsart exhibitions, and the intricate handcrafted sets for his latest film Isle of Dogs that attracted thousands of film fans to The Strand back in March. In short, he’s no stranger to the art world, so it’s about time he made his own curatorial debut.

The director has put together an art exhibition in Austria’s Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna with his partner, designer and novelist Juman Malouf under the not-so-bitesize title The Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin and Other Treasures from the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Jasper Sharp, the museums in-house curator, has released a video teasing what to expect from the upcoming show, which is due to launch this November and will be on display until next April. “What (Anderson and Malouf) are going to do we’re not going to tell you just yet, but you can come Kunsthistoriches Museum and find out,” he said.

However he can reveal that art lovers will be treated to an “embarrassment of riches”, as Anderson has pulled together an array of art treasures such as Old Master paintings, Egyptian mummies, and crown jewels, as well as Greek and Roman antiquities.

Considering how aesthetically focussed Anderson is in the director’s chair, this foray into fine art promises to be equally as uniquely Wes.

You can find more information about the display and how to see it here.