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New Banksy art work shows in London gallery

A 2016 iteration of ‘Firestarter’ will appear in a group show launching in honour of the gallery’s tenth year

An east London gallery, Hang-Up, which began its life ten years ago in a spare room is playing host to an iteration of a Banksy artwork which was removed from a wall in LA just days after it appeared there in 2010.

Founded by Ben Cotton in 2008, Hang-Up has long been a purveyor of the elusive street artist’s works, having shown both prints and originals since its inception. The gallery has also helped to foster the careers of The Connor Brothers, Joe Webb, Mark Powell, Magnus Gjoen and Lauren Baker, many of which had their first shows there. Having moved into its first gallery space in 2012, before settling in its current venue at 81 Stoke Newington Road, to mark a decade since it all began, Hang-Up is hosting ten weeks of celebrations, including workshops, talks, music, and exclusive limited edition releases. Collectively titled Hang-Ten, the show will honour ten of its most-celebrated artists, officially opening to the public on June 23.

The centrepiece of the celebrations is the rarely seen Banksy work, “Firestarter”, which features Charlie Brown holding a match and a can of petrol. The work was re-created in 2016 after its first appearance in LA, but was taken from the artist’s studio to its buyer immediately and has yet to be seen in a public space in this lifeform. Alongside Banksy, Oddly Head’s dystopian text works will sit alongside Harland Miller’s take on Penguin Classics book covers, and downstairs visitors can view Lauren Baker’s neon work.

Hang-Up is also home to the UK’s largest permanent Banksy exhibition space, The Banksy Bunker, which doubles as a bar. During the ten-year celebrations, however, the Hang-Up has filled the space with works from the group on show.

Other highlights from the celebrations will include free events such as an Anti-Trump protest poster workshop with Kennardphillipps, an aura reading workshop with the aforementioned Lauren Baker, an opportunity to create one of Oddly Head’s famous ice cream cone sculptures, and a live drawing session with Mark Powell.

Hang-Up’s Hang-Ten and accompanying celebrations will begin June 23 and run until September 2, 2018. More information here