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Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow
Still from Human FlowAi Weiwei

Here’s how to watch Ai Weiwei and Jon Snow in conversation

The pair will discuss the artist’s new documentary on the refugee crisis, HUMAN FLOW

On Monday 4th December, renowned activist and artist, Ai Weiwei, will premiere his new documentary, HUMAN FLOW, alongside a panel discussion hosted by Channel 4 News' Jon Snow.

Travelling across 23 different countries to collect over 900 hours of footage, the film will depict the global migrant crisis that affects over 65 million refugees. The event, in partnership with Help Refugees and the Barbican, will be broadcast live from Milton Court Concert Hall to over 200 cinemas across the UK.

The arduous journey behind the deeply personal documentary began in 2015 when Weiwei, on holiday in Lesbos with his girlfriend and son, saw and began filming a refugee boat approaching the shore. Deciding to document this tragedy in more detail, Weiwei was compelled by the sheer scale of the crisis to travel from country to country, mapping its web of complex interconnections.

A press release for the event highlights the “chain of human stories” depicted in the documentary which acts as “witness to its subjects and their desperate search for safety, shelter and justice”. The refugee crisis presents a crucial juncture in which our capacity for “compassion, tolerance and trust” is tested: the work poses the crucial question: “Will our global society emerge from fear, isolation, and self-interest and choose a path of openness, freedom, and respect for humanity?”

The artist hopes the film will impact the younger generation, telling the LA Times, “I would like my son to see the film. He is eight now. I would like his generation – those still in school – to understand this situation. They belong to a new world and they should understand what has – or hasn’t – been done by their parents’ generation”.

Check out the trailer below:

Human Flow + Ai Weiwei in Conversation with Jon Snow and special guests takes place at Milton Court Concert Hall, Barbican on 4 Dec at 7pm