Donald Trump
Science & TechDonald Trump is considering a TikTok ban in the US
The Sims Spark'd
Life & CultureThe Sims is getting its own reality show
Netflix, Unsolved Mysteries trailer
Film & TVNetflix shares a public drive with bonus evidence from Unsolved Mysteries
Kanye West
MusicKanye West says he’s over Trump, opens up about presidential bid
Werner Herzog 2
Werner Herzog on fact and fiction in Japan’s rent-a-family businessWerner Herzog 2
Psychedelics and God
Speaking to people who found God after taking psychedelicsPsychedelics and God
Post-corona rave
What is the future of partying in a post-pandemic world?Post-corona rave
Coronavirus pandemic
Science & TechThe bubonic plague and brain-eating amoebas: should we fear more pandemics?
Nouri Hassan BIPOC Creative Directory
FashionThis NY model is behind a new BIPOC Creative Directory
JK Rowling, Noam Chomsky, and Salman Rushdie
Life & CultureCancelled celebs sign an open letter against cancelling celebs
New York’s Underground Resistance 9
MusicMeet the stars of New York’s nightlife resistance
Margaret Atwood
Life & CultureMargaret Atwood voices her support for the trans community
boohoo modern slavery share drop
FashionBoohoo loses £1 billion off its value after ‘modern slavery’ claims
Science & TechThe US government is ‘looking at’ banning TikTok, says secretary of state
Chloë Sevigny in We Are Who We Are
Film & TVWatch the teaser for Luca Guadagnino’s new, Chloë Sevigny-starring TV show
Beauty NewsFrom Dazed Beauty
Abby Roberts
HeadTikTok star Abby Roberts has a new weekly YouTube series coming
Chaetophobia, Claire Moore, Benjamin Madgwick
BodyWatch this film about the uncomfortable sensuality of hair
tits444tats trans men tattoos
BodyTits 4 Tats is giving free tattoos to help trans men who want top surgery
Jackie Aina
HeadJackie Aina cuts ties with beauty brand Morphe
Beauty news
Portland PDX Stripper Strike
Life & Culture‘No justice, no booty’: the strippers striking for racial equalityAs part of the PDX Stripper Strike, dancers in Portland have taken to the streets to protest against discrimination in strip clubs across the city
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Randonautica on TikTok
Science & TechRandonautica is the creepy app that led TikTokers to a dead body
Dior’s Nike Air Jordan 1
FashionOver five million people signed up to buy Dior’s Air Jordan sneakers
Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 11.35.24
Science & TechAnonymous hackers target TikTok, urge users to delete ‘Chinese spyware’
Animal Crossing
Science & TechYou can now play Animal Crossing with a buttplug