Tim Burrows

Tim Burrows is an author and journalist who writes about popular culture, music, art and geography - often at the same time - for a number of publications including the Daily Telegraph, New Statesman, The Quietus, The Stool Pigeon and Tank. He recently walked 40-odd miles from east London to his hometown of Southend-on-Sea, near the mouth of the Thames Estuary in Essex - an area referred to by some locals as "London's sphincter".


R Stevie Moore

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The grandfather of DIY is on his first proper tour after 40 years and 400 albums of genre-spanning lo-fi weirdness. Taken from Dazed's September issue, Tim Burrows hears how his music is finally taking off thanks to the internet era


East London 2012: Is It Dead?

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The world’s greatest sporting spectacle descends on 
London’s creative heartland 
in three months. 
Is this the final nail 
in the 
coffin of the area’s “capital 
of cool” 
status, or will DIY 
creativity find 
new ways 
to thrive?

Ricken Patel

Under Attack: Avaaz

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After suffering a massive attack last week, Dazed caught up with the global campaigning group to find out what the future holds for the 14-million-member network

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