Stephen Whelan

Steve Whelan is a freelance writer who currently spins words into sentences for shots, the premier creative review magazine for the advertising industry. He lives in South London where he spends an unhealthy amount of time watching commercials, music promos and viral videos. For a brief period Steve lived in Berlin and harboured dreams of becoming an academic specialising in German Marxism. Then he chilled the fuck out and got a proper job. He is not married, though he has a great girlfriend

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Virgil Widrich

Since the late 80s, pioneering Austrian filmmaker and artist Virgil Widrich has been creating mind-blowing multimedia art

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Positive Thinking

To mark 30 years since the first HIV / AIDS diagnosis, Dazed Digital has turned its attention to profiling the everyday lives of people living with the virus.

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Not so long ago in a galaxy close to home, adidas teamed up with Starwars to launch SS10 range.

Rehearsal pictures taken exclusively for Dazed Dig
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Tomorrow, In a Year

Darwin’s theory of evolution gets an electronic operatic makeover courtesy of The Knife and leading Danish performance group Hotel Proforma.

Photography by Jamie Daughters.
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No One Does It Like You

Fashion, fantasy and the futility of war collide in a cloud of choreographed carnage for Department of Eagles latest track, No One Does It Like You.

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