Nicola Formichetti

Nicola Formichetti is the Creative Director for Dazed & Confused magazine. Also Senior fashion editor of Another Man magazine. Born in Japan in 1977 to Italian and Japanese parents, he grew up between the two countries. Initially studying music and architecture, Formichetti moved to London at the age of nineteen and started at the successful boutique, 'The Pineal Eye' and went on to become both its art director and head buyer for a two year period. He later moved into styling working at Daze

Music Feature

Booty Cool

As Justin Timberlake releases his new album, read our 2006 cover story when he told us "music needs an enema"

Arts+Culture Q+A

East Asia's new wave: day #3

Selected by Nicola Formichetti, our week-long series with east Asia's freshest talents continues with Norwegian Wood actress and model Kiko Mizuhara, Harper's Bazaar China's Lucia Liu, multi-creative Yoon, and Hypebeast's Kevin Ma

Arts+Culture Q+A

East Asia's new wave: day #2

Our week-long profile series of east Asia's young creatives, as selected by Nicola Formichetti, continues with tattooist Alfred Ng, Koleman Mad Hatter, Tokyo's Matcha and Mademoiselle Yulia

Fashion Q+A

East Asia's new wave: day #1

Our week-long series of interviews with east Asia's freshest minds, as selected by Nicola Formichetti, kicks off with journalist Emi Kameoka, designer Bajoowoo, creative fixer Stinger Wong and stylist Han Huo Huo

Fashion Incoming

Oscar and Sam

From the Dazed archives: December 2003, Photography: Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Styling: Nicola Formichetti

Images by Mari Sarai
Fashion Show

Marios Schwab S/S 09

The designer known for body-sculpting has taken a different course towards beautiful draping in his new collection.

Fashion Incoming

Dark Magick

An austere urban landscape sets the scene for a gender trading role play as sleek S&M influences accessorise autumn fashion.

Fashion Incoming

Landed Gentry

The gothic, theatrical surroundings of a derelict urban community provide a backgrop for autumn/winter 2008's landed gentry.

Fashion Incoming

Edge of the World

On the dramatic rocks of Monte Carlo, Madonna and child are shrouded in this season’s voluminous shapes and a dark and glamorous mystery.

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