Maksymilian Fus Mickiewicz

Maksymilian Fus Mickiewicz is the Editor of T-R-E-M-O-R-S.


Neutral Paradise Sound Salon

Music First Look

Ahead of their show at the Neutral Paradise Sound Salon in Peckham, NY-based musician Bryce Hackford and video artist Ivy Meadows exclusively premiere their music video on Dazed


Champion Exclusive Mix

Music Rise

We speak to the Grime and UK Funky-influenced producer about his new label, Formula, alongside his exclusive mix for us


The Lost World

Music Incoming

John Garden, the Scissor Sisters musical director, takes on the classic silent movie’s dinosaur crunching score


Wagon Christ

Music Incoming

The King of Stoned Exotica, Luke Vibert prepares to move our mind and our feet at his gig at London's KOKO


Viktor Timofeev

Arts+Culture Incoming

The Germany-based artist explores complex concepts of hybrid realities and utopian society in his latest exhibition at London's Hannah Barry Gallery

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