John-Paul Pryor

John-Paul writes for Dazed & Confused, TANK, AnOther and The Quietus. He has also written a number of academic essays about the arts, writes a column for and is a freelance curator (he used to curate the now decommissioned Dazed Gallery). His debut novel Spectacles will be published later this year.


Romain Gavras: Seeing Red

Arts+Culture Incoming

In the current issue of Dazed & Confused, we speak to the controversy-baiting director Romain Gavras about his debut feature being screened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival

Photo by Chas Wilshire

Bethia Beadman

Music Rise

Meet a musician channeling a love of sanskrit, blues and skewed country into her own unique aesthetic


Lois Gabrin

Arts+Culture Rise

The imaginative illustrator takes her love of the kitsch and the tacky as inspirations for her thoughtful artworks

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