Isabella Burley

Isabella Burley is the editor of Dazed & Confused.

Alexander McQueen AW15 Dazed womenswear Pink Lace Ruffles

Alexander McQueen AW15

Fashion Show

Burton rejects surface level beauty to explore the thorns of the English rose, with ethereal, Egon Schiele style femininity

Saint Laurent AW15, Dazed runway, womenswear, Paris

Saint Laurent AW15

Fashion Show

Torn up fishnets and exposed nipples throw the feminine off kilter – complete with suitably subversive illustrations by artist Jim Shaw

Loewe AW15, Dazed backstage, Womenswear, Paris

Loewe AW15

Fashion Show

80s tropes get thrown off-kilter as Anderson explores the tension between the complementary and contradictory

Vetements AW15, Dazed backstage, Womenswear, Paris


Fashion Show

Children of the revolution: inside an underground sex club, the anonymous collective take back subversive Paris

Rick Owens AW15, Dazed, womenswear gold makeup

Rick Owens AW15

Fashion Show

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Mayan-influenced designs, Owens pushes the boundaries of the female form

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