Hayley Hatton

Hayley Hatton is the Production Assistant at Dazed & Confused full-time, a History of Art student part-time, the bassist in Private Trousers fun-time, and a writer and illustrator when-she-can-find-the-time. When not cycling, (with one working pedal) between said PDF, book and guitar commitments, she works hard at being suitably inappropriate and attention seeking.

Photography Incoming

Offset Prints

In his forthcoming book, photographer Tom Kavanagh captures the experimental scene at the heart of east London's Offset Festival

Photograph by Luke Gilford
Music Incoming

YCE: Todd P

Todd Patrick has been making music gig organisation into something of a fine art, opening up shows to all ages.

Music Incoming

YCE: Alex Turvey

This video director combines live action with animation and has a fascination with anatomy and all things macabre.

Music Incoming

Way to Go!

Record label and promoter Upset the Rhythm presents Yes Way this weekend, a noisefest featuring Drum Eyes, Chops and Gay Against You.

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