Danielle Levitt

Danielle Levitt lives in New York City and is currently working on her next project "Street Casted" incorporating photos and videos of kids she meets on the street. She started her new project after publishing her first monograph, "We Are Experienced" with Powerhouse Books.  With "We Are Experienced" Levitt travelled America documenting youth culture, photographing various subsets of teens in spaces that reflect who they were . Danielle shoots for Arena Homme plus, GQ, NY Times Magazine, Candy, EY.

1 raury-

Raury: indigo child

Music Longread

The genre-bending ATLien is on a mission led by intuition. We meet the self proclaimed musical saviour and his rainbow gang as they kick-start a youth revolution in the American South


Mollywood Bad Boy: Trent Harris

Arts+Culture Incoming

In Danielle Levitt's last filmic look at Salt Lake City's Mollywood, she talks to the former Mormon member whose work includes the comedy 'Rubin and Ed' plus the 'The Beaver Trilogy', featuring Sean Penn


Planet Mollywood

Arts+Culture Incoming

Filmmaker Danielle Levitt presents the first in trilogy of films dedicated to Salt Lake City's Mormon film industry, and here talks us through her impressions and expectations of her time in Mollywood

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