Alla Taha

Born in Saudi Arabia and having done quite a lot of moving since, Alla is a 24 year old History and Philosophy of Science graduate. Interested in Design, Technology and Culture, she writes about these for Dazed and other publications.

Fashion Incoming

Julian Louie x Aldo

Based on the story of 'The Hyena & Other Men', the architectural designer talks about his new collaboration with the shoe brand

Photography Rise

Ivan Cazzola

Italian-born Cazzola made a name for himself as a rock music photographer but his true passion lies with capturing the spirit of suburbia

Music Rise


With a new video directed by Nova Dando, the eclectic duo take on neon electro and 90s house beats

Music Rise

Dark Dark Dark

Minneapolis-based sextet contrast New Orleans jazz and Eastern European folk with Rihanna and "the sound a car makes when it falls off a cliff"

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