Miss Rosen

Miss Rosen is a writer based in New York and has written for L’Uomo Vogue, Whitewall, Jocks and Nerds, and Crave Online

Aperture: Future Gender
Art & PhotographyHow photography has progressed ideas of gender identity and expression
MusicPictures from the world’s biggest monument to Depeche Mode
Jamila Woods
Art & PhotographyBlack female poets you need to know
Nydia Blas
Art & PhotographyHow Black women are making their mark on photography
Gregory Kramer’s Drags
Art & PhotographyGroundbreaking drag artists who aren’t RuPaul
Thierry Mugler George Michael Too Funky
FashionA brief history of Thierry Mugler’s high-voltage fashion
Albert Watson
Art & PhotographyAlbert Watson’s lessons on how to be a master photographer
Christopher Makos’s Polaroids
Art & PhotographyHow to obey your instinct as a photographer
Gail Thacker
Art & PhotographyHow to turn your life into a work of art
Ghostnotes lead image
MusicBeautiful photos from two decades of hip hop history
There Are No Homosexuals In Iran
Art & PhotographyIntimate photos explore Iran’s hidden gay community
Lilla Szasz
Art & PhotographyIntimate photos of a ‘family’ of sex workers in Budapest
Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party
Art & PhotographyThat time artist Judy Chicago served vulvas for dinner
Carolee Schneemann at PS1
Art & PhotographyThe art work that nearly killed Carolee Schneemann
P Grace water 70s
FashionAntonio Lopez: one of 70s fashion’s most fearless talents
Jonas Mekas: A Dance with Fred Astaire
Art & PhotographyCatching up with the godfather of avant-garde cinema
Howl! New York
Art & PhotographyHow to find artists that can change the world
Yolanda Andrade, Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-
Art & PhotographyGroundbreaking Latin artists who aren’t Frida Kahlo
Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon
Art & PhotographyThe artists using gender as a tool and a weapon
Christopher Makos
Art & PhotographyRemembering Basquiat through stories from those who knew him
The Mudd Club
Art & PhotographyThe Mudd Club’s ex-doorman on how to throw an iconic party
Stephen Barker
Art & PhotographyThe 80s activist group who fearlessly battled Aids
Tabitha Soren's Surface Tension
Art & PhotographyWhy is America obsessed with cat videos and online porn?
Olivia Locher’s I Fought the Law
Art & PhotographyThe weirdest laws in America, photographed