Miss Rosen

Miss Rosen is a writer based in New York and has written for L’Uomo Vogue, Whitewall, Jocks and Nerds, and Crave Online

FashionDapper Dan on his impossible origin story
Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Urban Projects
Art & PhotographyHow Christo and Jeanne-Claude redefined the possibilities of public art
Bill Cunningham in Paris 2013 Yu Fujiwara
FashionBill Cunningham once streaked in front of Jerry Hall
Jamel Shabazz
Art & PhotographyI was a black corrections officer during the American crack epidemic
Erin M. Riley: Used Tape
Art & PhotographyThe artist weaving complex, beautiful tapestries about sex and trauma
Andy Warhol’s Chelsea Girls
Art & PhotographySex, drugs, & subversion: the story behind Warhol’s Chelsea Girls
FashionFive reasons you need to see the Met’s new Heavenly Bodies exhibition
Jonathan Lyndon Chase’s Quiet Storm
Art & PhotographyThe artist painting beautiful, raunchy stories about queer life
Keyezua, Steven Kasher Gallery
Art & PhotographyThe Angolan artist who uses the power of photography to overcome trauma
Remembering Peggy Cooper Carfitz, Tschabalala Self
Art & PhotographyThe art world remembers the force of nature who we lost too soon
Hair Wars David Humphries hump the grinder Detroit
FashionThe hair stars turning wigs and weaves into fantastical works of art
Mickalene ThomasCourbet 3 (Sleep)_1
Art & PhotographyArtist Mickalene Thomas makes portraits to bring out your inner Foxy Brown
Art & PhotographyHow this artist’s powerful paintings challenge stereotypes of black men
Aperture Magazine’s Prison Nation
Art & PhotographyHow photography shines a light on America’s dark prison system
Ming Smith, Grace Jones, NYC
Art & PhotographyMeeting the first black woman to have work in MoMA’s permanent collection
Obamas head
Art & PhotographyWhy the Obama portraits are so important
John Edmonds
Art & PhotographyJohn Edmonds’ photos celebrate the family we create, not the one we get
Barkley L. Hendricks
Art & PhotographyThe artist who captured the height of African American cool on canvas
Mr Chow: 50 Years
Art & PhotographyHow restaurateur Mr Chow became the unlikely hero of the art world
Kendrick Lamar - Love / Jamil GS - Stick-ups
MusicAnother artist says Kendrick Lamar copied their work
FashionThe 1920s lesbian power couple who transformed Vogue
Lyle Ashton Harris, Today I Shall Judge Nothing That Occurs
Art & PhotographyThe artist who explored ethnicity, gender, & desire in 90s America
Mark Morrisroe
Art & PhotographyThe artist that Nan Goldin called Boston’s first punk
Dani Lessnau
Art & PhotographyThis artist puts a camera inside her vagina and takes photos of her lovers