Irina Baconsky


Stephanie Kneissl Maximilian Lackner Stop The Algorithm 2017
Art & PhotographyThese two artists are raging against the Instagram algorithm machine
Daniel Arsham, Hourglass
Art & PhotographyDaniel Arsham on the science and technology that inspires his work
Ann Ray’s The Unfinished – Lee McQueen
Art & PhotographyIntimate portraits taken by one of Alexander McQueen’s closest friends
Leelee Kimmel’s Wormhole
Art & PhotographyDrop down a wormhole with a new VR video from Leelee Kimmel
Liv Wynter. Photo Holly Whitaker_1
Art & PhotographyActivist-artist Liv Wynter returns with a radical collaborative performance
Ryan McGinley’s Mirror Mirror
Art & PhotographyRyan McGinley looks to Yoko Ono as inspiration for his latest show
Viviane Sassen’s Hot Mirror
Art & PhotographyViviane Sassen’s latest show is a Surrealist dream
Art & PhotographyDoug Aitken searches for humanity in the digital age
The Realest, issue 1
Art & PhotographyThe mag paying homage to the stories of Northern women
Joseph Rodriguez’s Spanish Harlem
Art & PhotographyVibrant photos tells true stories of life as a Latinx in 80s Harlem
Jordan Baumgarten’s Good Sick
Art & PhotographyPoignant photos of an American town in the throes of an opioid crisis
Fabrice Monteiro, The Prophecy
Art & PhotographyThese incredible photographs are prophecies for our planet
Eric N. Mack’s Misa-Hylton Brim, Simon Lee 2018
Art & PhotographyThe painter paying homage to Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige’s 90s stylist
Joan Jonas, Six Days, Ten Nights, Tate Modern 2017
Art & PhotographyEnter the surreal world of avant-garde artist and filmmaker Joan Jonas
Sondra Perry – Typhoon Coming On
Art & PhotographyThis immersive installation looks at how technology helps to shape us