Elizabeth Coop


Baron by Harley Weir
Art & PhotographyHarley Weir photographs the unsexy side of sex for new issue of Baron
GIANTS%2c Mohamed Younes Idriss from Sudan%2c Flam
Art & PhotographyThe elusive artist using the streets as an art gallery
Odiseo, volume 10
Arts+CultureThe erotic mag embracing dystopia beautifully
Byron Newman Ultimate Angels
Arts+CulturePortraits of Paris' trans community in the 1980s
Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness
Art & PhotographyWhy photographer Zanele Muholi inflicts pain on herself
Cajsa von Zeipel’s Insulting The Archive
Arts+CultureThe artist sculpting her friends smoking, fucking & dancing
Chloe Sheppard’s I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
PhotographyPhotographing beautiful moments of self-love and acceptance
Maisie Cousins’ grass, peonie, bum
PhotographyMaisie Cousins’ first solo show will awaken your senses
Coco Capitàn
PhotographyCoco Capitàn’s new book trips between the real and imagined
Viviane Sassen’s Roxane II
PhotographyViviane Sassen’s new photobook on friendship and femininity
A film still from Hector Aponysus’s film
Arts+CultureA closer look at how we perceive sex through art
Petra Collins & Madelyne Beckles, In Search Of Us
Arts+CulturePetra Collins & Madelyne Beckles on their MoMA show
Alex Webb, Slant Rhymes, Magnum Photos, USA
PhotographyMagnum’s Alex Webb on the power of photography
Matthew Smith
PhotographyThis one image tells the story of UK 90s rave
Tino Razo’s Party In The Back exclusive
PhotographyStriking photographs of skaters and California’s empty pools
Matt Lambert Keim
PhotographyDo these photos depict what real love looks like?
Philipp Ebeling’s London Ends
PhotographyPhotographing the London that you’re less likely to see
Hannah Modigh
PhotographyThese photos explore how we keep our pain inside
Ari Marcopoulos’ Not Yet
PhotographyAri Marcopoulos on 40 years of photographing everything
Raffaele Petralla’s Third Sex in Bangladesh
PhotographyPhotos that lift the lid on Bangladesh’s third sex community
Valerie Phillips’ Another Girl, Another Planet
PhotographyFifteen years of capturing girlhood with Valerie Phillips
Juno Calypso’s The Honeymoon, 2015-2016
PhotographyPhotos exploring the isolation of a one-woman honeymoon
Boogie, It’s All Good
PhotographyUnflinching photos of Brooklyn’s gangsters and addicts
Paolo Raeli
PhotographyHow many times can you fall in and out of love?